EMC Global TechnologiesEMC Global Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company located in a facility near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1978, EMC provides innovative, low cost solutions to the electronics assembly industry.   EMC is certified by the United States Department of Defense and has a long history of innovation for the aerospace industry, including NASA.

EMC entered the high tech market with a series of highly engineered, precision fixtures that aided in the assembly of Printed Circuit Boards. These fixtures include workboard holders, wave solder pallets and process carriers. Almost immediately, EMC was recognized as the industry leader and soon built a customer base that reads as a “Who’s Who” list in the electronics industry.

In 1987 EMC recognized the need for cleaning systems to remove solder paste and adhesives from surface mount stencils, misprinted PCBs and precision parts. The CYBERCLEAN® line of batch cleaners and stencil cleaners has since been regarded as the most reliable, well made machines available. In fact, CYBERCLEAN® cleaners were awarded the prestigious Service Excellence Award. Though we no longer make these machines we still provide consumables, parts, and manuals.

EMC actively supports the electronics assembly market by utilizing a web of direct sales engineers and independent representative groups. These agents address all market segments including consumer, automotive and military electronics.  With representation throughout the world, EMC is truly a global provider.

For EMC Powder Coating (of Pennsylvania) please click here

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