Workboard Holders

Workboard Holders

EMC manufactures Workboard Holders with three different design approaches, depending on your needs:

Dedicated Workboard Holders are designed for use with Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) of a specific size.

  • A perfect solution for large volume applications that require rapid setup and changeover
  • Allows several PCBs to be precisely positioned simultaneously
  • X,Y tolerances guaranteed to be +/- .001″

Adjustable Workboard Holders (from the EMC Ultimate Logical series) are made to accommodate various PCBs.

  • Ideal for contract manufacturers
  • Available with adjustable or dedicated tooling
  • Great for short runs and prototypes
  • Capitalizable

Mother/Daughter Dedicated Workboard Holder system is a cost-effective alternative for mixed product production.

  • Ideal when PCB population is performed by two or more types of thru-hole insertion equipment
  • Precise PCB location
  • Capitalize Mother / Expense Daughter

Download Workboard Holder Design Sheet (.DOC file)

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