Wave Solder Pallets

Wave Solder Pallets

EMC offers Wave Solder Pallets with two different designs, depending approaches on your volume and budget:

Dedicated Wave Solder Pallets are designed for use with conveyor systems or as an insert.  On the edge designers, accustomed to seeing the PCB layouts that just aren’t user friendly.

  • Your solution for processing double-sided mixed technology Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • Shields sensitive components
  • Can be designed to accommodate multiple PCB locations and odd shaped PCBs
  • Increases throughput and reduces defects by minimizing human interface

Composite Adjustable Wave Solder Pallets are made to accommodate various PCBs.

  • All parts that contact the wave are composite
  • Offers easy setup and maximum flexibility
  • Can be configured with a masking wave break, masking inside rail or other custom designed features
  • Typically a Capital Expense

Download the Wave Solder Pallet Design Sheet (.DOC file).

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