Process Carriers

Process Carriers

EMC manufactures a Surface Mount Process Carrier to meet a variety of needs:

Surface Mount Process Carriers are designed to fixture a circuit board through the entire assembly process, including screen print, pick & place, reflow and wash.

  • Eliminates unwanted handling of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) by operators
  • Made of composite materials that remain stable with repeated passes through the hostile production environment
  • Many clamping methods are available – such as spring-loaded clamps, side force clamps, extremely thin stainless steel clamps and spring-supported location pins
  • Keeps boards rigid through the entire process, ensuring solder joint integrity

Adjustable Process Carriers are made to accommodate various PCBs.

  • Ideal for contract manufacturers
  • Available with adjustable or dedicated tooling
  • Great for short runs and prototypes
  • Capitalizable

Download the Process Carrier Design Sheet (.DOC file)

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